Accessories blow vacuum cleaners

Delivery time:3-5 days

Metrovac paper bags

Paper bags (5) for Metrovac vacuum cleaners.
Delivery time:3-5 days

Convac nylon vac bag

Suitable for Metro MDV-1BA.
Longs XL
Delivery time:3-5 days

Plastic storage box for Metrovac

Storage box for Metrovac vacuumcleaners or Dusty blowers and accessories. Strong and stackable. Lid with two hinges and lockable with two clasps. Material: PP (polypropylene). Resistant to most chemicals and acids. Heat resistant up to 130 ยบ C (washable). Hygienic and durable. Color is silver gray (RAL 7001). Outer dimensions (LxWxH): 400 x 300 x 135 mm. Inner dimensions (LxWxH): 37 0 x 270 x 97 mm. Capacity: 10 liters. Weight: 1300 grams.
Delivery time:7-14 days.

Folded filter conversion kit vacuumcleaner/blower S20

Folded filter conversion kit. Converts folded filter into textile filterbag kit. The conversion kit consists of a textile filter bag, a filter basket, a motor filter and a cutout damper. An expansion of the filtering capabilities.